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#SnowBlack2 Story Synopsis (NO SPOILERS!!)




One day (well technically a few hours) left until the second edition of ‘Snow Black the Seven Rastas & Other Short Stories’ will grace us all with it’s long-awaited presence so I thought it’d be the perfect time to share some JUICE about the seven stories that make up the book…

Claire’s Mystery (Mystery)

A mystery about a girl who wonders off alone on a school trip, wakes up lost and alone in the woods but does not remember how she ended up there and tries to find her way home but makes a shocking discovery on her mission.

Highly recommended: If you like mystery, confusion and all things edgy then this is the perfect story for you!

Random fact: I wrote the original to this story in my Year 8 English lesson. This story is 14-years-old...In fact, all of the stories we’re written in my Year 8 (aged 12 / 13) and Year 9 (aged 13 / 14) English lessons and are 14 / 13 year’s old!!

Twisted Tuesday

Schoolgirl Jasmine Kelly doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. One day she misses the school bus and decides to bunk off for the day only to make a remarkable discovery that could change her fate.

Highly recommended: If you can relate to not being the academic type and secretly not keen on school (it’s okay no judgment around here, educational institutions are not for everyone) then this is the story for you. You might just learn a little something about gratitude!

Random fact: I got good grades in school, was mostly in top sets for my classes, but in Year 8 I did terribly on my mock SATs Science papers and got a U. They dropped me down from Set 1 to Set 4 in Year 9 but by Year 10 I was back in Set 1…Honestly, they didn’t half put pressure on us in school!

The Feeling Of War (Action)

A journal of a mixed-raced British young woman gives her vivid account and experience of World War 1 after disguising herself as man in hope to fight for the equality of Black British nurses.

Highly recommended: If you’re into equality and standing up for justice. This is a story all about being brave, courageous and will definitely put a pep in your step to march to the beat of your own drum, okurr!

Random fact: I’m not really into action films so very surprised at myself for coming up with this story in the first place.

Snow Black and the Seven Rastas (Alternative Fairy-Tale)

A quirky Caribbean twist on the classic fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Set in the internationally renowned island of sunny Jamaica, this is a story about a Nubian Princess in search of safety from her wicked stepfather.

Highly recommended: If you love Jamaican culture...YA'MON!

Random fact: I have so, so, SO much more planned for this story, watch this space!!

Reality Check (Fantasy / Adventure)

A fantasy adventure filled with mythical creates and a wild imagination centered around a girl called Jane Pip who is highly sensitive and a bit of a geek.

Highly recommended: If you don’t take yourself too seriously and like the idea of allowing your mind to wonder off freely into unimaginable states and worlds.

Random fact: Like Jane Pip, I too was a very highly sensitive child.

Will You Be My Valentine? (Romantic)

A series of funny diary entries told by a teen girl, raised by a single Dad who discovers what it means to have self-confidence and self love.

Highly recommended: If you’re just up for a laugh and a giggle.

Random fact: I know I wrote this story, but I genuinely find it SO entertaining!

Trapped (Thriller)

Centred around a girl who deals with mental health issues and anxiety and unveils what it's like to live inside her world.

Highly recommended: If you’re interested in the subject matters of mental health and anxiety.

Random fact: I relate A LOT to this story and it’s the first time I share with anyone outside of my immediate family an insight of what it was like to live inside my world as a child.

Snow Black, the Seven Rastas & Other Stories (Second Edition)

Available on Amazon November 12th

Paperback, £7.99

Enjoy and happy reading!

Tee Cee x

PS: Remember to write me a review, I’d love to hear what you think :)

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