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Snow Black The Seven Rastas & Other Short Stories: Second Edition


“I think you are very unaware of the incredible life-time experience that you are about to embark on.” Let’s be honest, reading one LONG story at a time is SO overrated…So, here’s seven! Short ones that is! In this jam-packed book of short stories there’s something for every taste, from mystery to fantasy, thriller, romance to action and more.

The only thing left to say is, are you ready?

FORMATS AVAILABLE:    Paperback, eBook

FIRST PUBLISHED:          12/11/2019

PUBLISHER:                     Self-published


ISBN:                                 978-1706646815

About #SnowBlack2

Originally published when Tee Cee was 16, after her Dad, inspired by her dream cashed in his pension, this book offers seven short stories spanning across different topics, presenting alternative narratives told by girls, for girls, through mystery, thriller, romance, war and more.


This book plunges us into the festive season with something for everyone…because let’s be honest, reading ONE LONG story at a time is SO overrated…So here’s seven! Short one’s that is! Follow a string of adventures: from getting lost in the dark woods, experiencing anxiety states, to visiting fantasy land and having your first school crush!


This book is ideal for young girls who enjoy independent reading and will enable them to explore a variety of subject matters and topics, opening their minds to new discoveries and new voices while expanding their vocabulary for a whole new learning experience. 

You can order #SnowBlack2 by clicking on the buy now button. And here’s Tee Cee's video about the book:

Reviews of #SnowBlack2

'I have read this book many times, and every time I read it I find more and more layers of meaning. The first time I read it I thought it was great, and now I just think it's greater great. This book is truly empowering. There was nothing like it. There is nothing like it.'


’This is a seriously impressive collection of clever, different stories penned by a writer with a brilliant imagination.’ 


Snow Black The Seven Rastas & Other Short Stories:

First Edition

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At the tender age of 16, Tee Cee self published her debut fiction book of short stories entitled 'Snow Black, the Seven Rasta's and Other Short Stories.'

With no professional marketing, campaigns or endorsements, Tee Cee and her family sold over 1000 copies across the UK including getting the book into the hands of Sir Richard Branson, Peter Jones CBE and Benjamin Zephaniah just to name a few.

It was Tee Cee's desire to publish a book from the age of 11 where she was inspired by authors she often read like Malorie Blackman, Jacqueline Wilson and Benjamin Zephaniah. Tee Cee wanted to inspire other young people to go ahead and pursue their dreams, so in 2009 she challenged herself to write and publish a book in one year. Her parents were so enthusiastic to support her dream, her Dad cashed in his pension to pay for the book to be published. 

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