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Graduating As A Career/Life Coach

YEP! You read right...BBC Presenter and Digital content creator, Author, Founder of Not Your Average Girl and NOW joining my plethora of shiny professional hats...a coach!

I'm rubbish at life updates, so for the last year I've been training to be a career / life coach and didn't tell anyone outside of my immediate family. I've always been the person who prefers to just get on with it and let my results and wins speak for themselves. BUT...It's also important to let people who are genuinely interested also feel apart of the journey (I'm going to get better at this!).

This is my trainer and business coach / mentor, Wayne Malcolm a.k.a The Business Bishop (who you may have seen make an appearance on Love Island a few series back...OBVIOUSLY NOT as a contestant LOL!). There's not a single word in the dictionary to possibly some up the GLOW UP and level of personal and professional transformation I have experienced through his course, teachings and training.

B.Wayne is a leading and well respected GLOBAL professional performance coach with over 25 books on self-development and entrepreneurship and has personally trained thousands of people around the world through workshops, seminars and training programs on the science of entrepreneurship and professional progress. His global network spans across the business and corporate sectors to the people on his doorstep, the community!

Oh, did I mention he's also a personal friend of Les Brown?

Out of the NUMBER of training programmes and courses he runs, I decided to take a leap of faith by joining the first cohort of his Mordecai (career) Coaching course - all about "finding your true passion, purpose and place in the master plan!" and also:

  1. Discovering your true passion, purpose and pre-destined career path

  2. Mapping your career plan

  3. Setting SMART career goals

  4. Implementing a personal development plan for career success

  5. Aligning your ambitions with your anointing

  6. Resolving any conflicts between faith and work

  7. Accelerating your career progress

  8. Spiritual accountability and covering in the workplace

The journey has been incredibly EPIC! It's really caused me to dig deep inside and evaluate myself, my relationships, spirituality and my true purpose and calling. I know EXACTLY what I was put on this earth for and the tribe I am destined to save. The value of knowing why the world needs you is truly priceless and I thank this course and B.Wayne for awakening my mind and helping me to discover the person I am becoming. This time last year, I was at a point where I had accomplished all of the seven goals I wrote at 16. However the contrast that was going on inside of me was mortifying...Let's just say I was professionally excelling, but personally suicidal.

Giving my dinner speech

I always joke and say "you can't put glitter on poo!" and that's what I was doing, I used my professional achievements and accolades to camouflage my personal flaws but the weight of it all became so draining I just knew I had to clean up my sh*t once and for all! Now, I know this process isn't a quick fix, and I'm not saying I'm anyway in 100% tip top state, but I have a better understanding, better emotional intelligence, tools, strategies and techniques on how to deal with this now. I no longer have to cover up my flaws, it's about acknowledging them and understanding that I have the power to take my power back and keep it without letting my flaws control me and keep me captive behind smiles, picture perfects and accolades.

Mordecai Career Coaching Class of 2019

Over the weekend, I joined B.Wayne and the rest of my Mordecai Coaching Class of 2019 which included honorary OBE recipients AnnMarie Lewis and Dr. Mark Prince at London's gorgeous Sunborn Yacht Hotel...YACHT YOU KNOW! This spot is too instagrammable for words, I can't! And with the 35 degree heat that was beaming down on my melanin, LIFE AND STRIFE! Bliss. We had an exquisite three course meal, shared emotional testimonies on the journey we'd all come on since being on the course, received our certificates of achievement and of course shared much gratitude to our wonderful trainer, B.Wayne.

When they say everyday is a school day, it really is no cliche', this course really emphasised that even when you think you know it all, you don't and there's ALWAYS a lot more to learn about yourself, your calling and the world around you. It's by far one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and I'd happily do it ten times over...But now, it's time for me, Talisha 'Tee Cee' Johnson to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

You heard it here first good people, never forget.

Tee Cee x

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