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International Women’s Week Was A LIT-uation!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

BBC Fierce Women in Media Birmingham - 05/03/2019

"Speak up, stand out and show up... Find your voice, and what it is that you are truly passionate about. Be courageous and unapologetic with who you are, and most importantly if you are going to do something, then really GO FOR IT!"Talisha ‘Tee Cee’ Johnson

As part of International Women’s Week I had the pleasure of sitting on two panels:

BBC Fierce Women in Media Birmingham (Panellists) - Ellie Flynn (Host), Sophie Trigg, Laura Bowen, Tee Cee and Kate Horlor

Host / Panellists include:

Host: Ellie Flynn, Journalist and Presenter

Sarah Trigg, Executive Producer, Seven Wonder

Laura Bowen, Executive Producer, BBC Three

Kate Horlor, Development Coordinator, BBC Studios

Secondly, the Empowerment Project: Walk Sassy Masterclass, DanceXChange Birmingham

The Empowerment Project: Walk Sassy Masterclass (Panel): Sally Bee, Tee Cee, Victoria Niamh, Grace Lynskey (Host) and Amy Hardy-Wilson

Host / Panellists include:

Host: Grace Lynskey, Founder of the Empowerment Project

Victoria Niamh, Coach and Influencer

Amy Wilson-Hardy, Team GB Olympian

Sally Bee, Celebrity Nutritionist

There is so much I could say, firstly it was such an honour to not only be asked to speak at these engagements but to be able to empower and inspire the next generation of success driven women is what I LIVE FOR!

The most surreal experience for me is having a queue of women waiting to speak to me after I came off stage at the BBC Fierce Women in Media panel. The response from women in the audience was overwhelming and I am still receiving emails, Instagram dm’s and appreciation messages a week later. It’s because of support and encouragement from women like this why I am motivated to continue to SPEAK UP, STAND UP and SHOW UP for my tribe.

Anyway, rather than have me ramble on, here’s little snap shot in video’s taken from the events. Enjoy! x

BBC Fierce Women in Media Birmingham - 05/03/2019

Panel question: How do you juggle home life around your jobs?

My inspirational message to fierce women:

The Empowerment Project: Walk Sassy Masterclass - 10/03/2019

Panel Question: How did you learn to become okay with your insecurities?

Giving advice to young women

Giving advice to young women on spending time alone

Hope you all had a week just as inspirational, motivational and empowering as mine!

Shout out to all the women out there KILLING IT!

Tee Cee x

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