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Grant Thornton Faces of a Vibrant Economy (2 Years Later)

One thing that makes me a hypocrite is that I encourage everyone else to celebrate and shout about their achievements and completely fail to talk about my own.

Two years later, I would like to share that in 2016, Grant Thornton UK selected me as one of their 100 faces for a Vibrant Economy campaign.

It was a great honour for such a huge international company to recognise my work and contributions that I had no expectations to have a light shone on in the first place.

By "work" and "contributions", they chose me because of my magazine 'Skool Girl Online', Birmingham UK's FIRST lifestyle magazine to focus on Business and Careers for young women. 'Skool Girl' was a vision born when I was 16-years-old, a magazine savvy teen obsessed with gossip titles such as 'Closer', 'Heat' and 'Glamour' but yet felt an empty void of missing topics that mattered for girls like business start ups, career progression, empowerment, wellbeing, 'HOW TO DO YOU AND BE YOU'...basically there was no lifestyle balance. The magazine narrative at the time was simply be beautiful like the TOWIE girls, match your body frame to Vic B and make sure you have latest 411 on how to get a guy!

Fast forward three years on to 30/09/2013...I created a new narrative for young women, one that showed them you can be smart, powerful, business savvy, stylish, healthy, enjoy your social life and continue to grow and develop yourself all at the same time. Because in my opinion, life is about BALANCE!

I was also determined to create a space for young women to have FUN and feel positive about themselves and their future prospects, hence the COLOUR and boldness of the brand...Because you don't need to be a complete drag in order to take yourself seriously!

Before I ramble on anymore, for more information on Skool Girl Online [CLICK HERE]

This is what Grant Thornton wrote:

"Talisha Johnson is a founder, author and editor – and she’s only in her early twenties. Founded in 2013, Skool Girl Online connects thousands of young people every day to articles on business and enterprise, style, life hacks and book and TV reviews. It is Birmingham’s only teen-girl lifestyle magazine. She is a graduate of the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. She is also Chairperson for Birmingham Empowerment Youth Forum and former executive producer for the annual Celebrating Youth Excellence Awards."

So, there you have it, if you didn't know now you know...And if you didn't care, thanks for reading anyway! You may as well stay to watch the video's below which make me look EXTRA important and professional than usual :D. Enjoy x

Grant Thornton asked me to give a speech at the Vibrant Economy 2016 launch and it went a little something like this...

And THEN...They even went as far to have MY FACE displayed on their head quarters building outside London Euston station.

After my sister finished screaming in surprise she had to take them en route to catch her train. It's the best she could do in the dark, in a hurry!

The moral of this story is, learn to blow your own trumpet even if you think no one else cares, SO WHAT? You just never know who you're inspiring.

Thanks for caring!

Tee Cee x

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