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It's Okay to Take a Break! | My Holiday to Cyprus x My Mom

To the person reading this I want to let you know that if you’re ever at a point where you’re feeling burnt out, tired, overwhelmed as well as emotionally, mentally and physically drained, guess what? It’s okay to take a break. - Talisha 'Tee Cee' Johnson

Since moving back to Birmingham in October 2018, I've hit the ground running at BBC Three and so far it's been an amazing journey! Not only have I had two series idea's commissioned, I've been selected for the BBC Under 30s panel, spoken on a number of event panels, met and worked with some incredible talent, all whilst studying to become a qualified [*I'll tell you when I'm qualified]...Let's just say, what I've packed into the last 6 months could have definitely been stretched across a year, but I won't complain, I'M THANKFUL for every achievement and opportunity!

And...I'm also HUMAN...Who gets tired and needs to relax, replenish and rebalance just like anyone else. So I decided to pop off to Cyprus for 4 nights with my Mom, our first mother and daughter holiday!

Instead of talking (writing), I'll let these lovely video and images speak for themselves. Enjoy! x

Limassol, Cyprus

Chill day by the pool

The restaurant entrance at our stunning hotel

I couldn't help but capture the beautiful scenery around the building

I hope this has encouraged you to live a little and not be afraid to know when to STOP!

LOOK, I even did a video all about the importance of rest below:

Anyway, thanks for reading / watching / listening and Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy! <3

Tee Cee

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